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pingpong Receiving Account
pingpong Transfer Sent
pingpong 10 EUR Average withdrawal fee*
pingpong -/-
Realtime exchange rate 100 s
pingpong GBP Annual savings

*Compared to the average fee administered by other payment providers, financial institutions, and other marketplaces.

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Easiest way to receive global payments
at the best exchange rates

Receive Payments in local currencies

Receive Payments in local currencies

Get your free account number and receive payments from International E-Commerce platforms in foreign currencies and withdraw to your own bank account at highly competitve rates.

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Cheaper transfers than traditional banks

Cheaper transfers than traditional banks

Pay your VAT or the invoices of your partners and suppliers in more than 100 Countries around the world with no hidden costs.

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Better Exchange Rates

Better Exchange Rates

Hold your funds in different currencies, or Convert them at transparent and competitive rates.

Know more about exchanging money
Send e-Money instantly

Send e-Money instantly

Send and receive multiple currencies worldwide in a fraction of a second while transacting with other PingPong users by using your PingPong Virtual Wallet.

Send e-Money
Start receiving global payments to your local account with PingPong.

Start receiving global payments to your local account with PingPong.

Go limitless

Expand your global business, whether you are an online seller, a freelancer, or a service provider and receive payments from around the world directly in multiple currencies to your local payment account in a safe, hassle-free and quick manner.

Enlarge your business possibilities

Grow. Scale. Prosper by enlarging your business possibilities with PingPong with hassle free cross-border transactions, which are secure, fast and trusted more, than by 1 Million clients worldwide.

Receive payments to your European Payment account faster than ever before!

Receive money quickly, maintain a healthy cash flow and grow your business by partnering with PingPong.

The safest way to make payments globally.

The safest way to make payments globally.

Low exchange rates allowing you to make payments with ease.

Get a free PingPong account, and make payments to your overseas suppliers, vendors, and business partners under a single platform. Pay suppliers in real-time in their desired currency, all while getting the most competitive exchange rate available.

Pay your VAT obligations with confidence

Say goodbye to the risks associated with money-sharing apps and virtually untraceable wire transfers. PingPong provides the banking technology and infrastructure to help you make your payments with confidence, at the click of a button.

Enjoy having your payments protected and your money kept in a secure environment

With our rigorous KYC identity verification process for all clients and their suppliers, your money is better protected from fraud and money scams in a single platform.

Convert your currency significantly cheaper than with traditional banks.

Convert your currency significantly cheaper than with traditional banks.

Choose when to convert currency to get your best exchange rate

Make direct payments using your currency accounts whenever you want and avoid unnecessary conversions.

Avoid hidden fees in the exchange rate

Accept both international payments and money transfers to convert sales profits to your domestic currency at the best rate possible in a cheap and transparent way.

Make payments remotely

Open multiple payment accounts in different currencies, hold your funds without conversion and make payments from the desired currency account.

Gain the power of international banking with the PingPong wallet.

Gain the power of international banking with the PingPong wallet.

Open your free PingPong wallet

Eliminate international account opening costs with a free PingPong account that allows you to choose your desired currencies.

Start sending e-money payments today

Make e-payments directly from your wallet balance or load your wallet balance with funds from whatever virtual account you designate.

Avoid Currency Fluctuations

Send your money to its final destination with faster service and better rates than traditional banks or other payment providers.

Setup your PingPong account and start expanding
your business beyond boundaries.

Sign up

Sign up

Register for a free account and instantly gain local banking access in the countries in which you want to do business. Process payroll, pay suppliers, and much more without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Verify your identity

Verify your identity

PingPong participates in KYC (Know Your Customer) for YOUR protection and safety. Upload the required (standard) business documents and know your money is in safe hands. KYC submission helps to fight money laundering and account fraud by verifying your identity and prevents unauthorized access to your account and personal data.

Start sending & receiving

Start sending & receiving

Send money and accept payments - global eCommerce at your fingertips in one single, convenient platform that allows you to see all your marketplaces anytime.

We safeguard more than 15 billion Euros for
1,000,000 clients around the globe.

Global Stamp of Approval

Your Money is Your Money

Our customers’ funds are held in virtual accounts entirely separate from PingPong’s business bank accounts. Citi Bank and Wells Fargo are just a small sample of our tier one banking partners we work with to secure your money.

One Company. No Surprises.

Platform Security

Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud

Privacy Protection

Receive and accept foreign payments in the below currencies.

Grow, Scale, and Prosper with PingPong by moving the major currencies of the World and grow your business beyond borders.

British Pound

UK sort code, Account number, and IBAN


Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) and IBAN

US Dollar

Routing number and Account number

Canadian Dollar

Institution number, Transit number,
and Account number

Singapore Dollar

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Hong Kong Dollar

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Australian Dollar

BSB code and Account number

Japanese Yen

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Mexican Peso

Bank code (BIC) and Account number

UAE Dirham

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Polish Złoty

Bank code (SWIFT/BIC)
and Account number

Swedish Krona

Bank code (SWIFT/BIC)
and Account number

Send money to

Make payments aligned with your business needs
United Arab Emirates

Bring Value To The Company.

Over €150M daily transaction value

PingPong transfers more than 150 million euros a day for international eCommerce sellers just like you.


More than 1,000,000 sellers turn to PingPong to safely and securely bring their money home.

Payment value

PingPong has processed more than 90 billion euros in cross-border payments for eCommerce.

Our Customers Tell You About PingPong

“PingPong makes paying suppliers and sending money globally more approachable by diversifying supply chains and facilitating innovative solutions for traditional routes of acquiring inventory.”
Keith Mander
Owner, Yuca LTD
“For customers like me with zero IT experience or background, I’m able to use the platform right away. Withdrawing money, sending payments and converting currencies is simple.”
Stephen Chun
General Manager, Union Beauty Corp
“The biggest difference in making the switch to PingPong is what we’ve saved in terms of dollars. Since switching to PingPong, we’ve generated over six figures in savings.”
Ryan Clay
Marketplaces Manager, KontrolFreek
Keeping up with eCommerce
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PingPong FX actually work? +

We've partnered with Tier 1 banks around the world like Citibank, Wells Fargo, Barclays, etc. to establish virtual accounts in all major currencies. They've licensed these accounts to us, which we then sublicense to our clients.This means that instead of Amazon (or other marketplaces) automatically converting your international earnings back into your native currency, they can disburse those funds in the currency / country in which it's earned.For example, if you're a Polish company selling on Amazon Germany, you can have those funds disbursed to your PingPong Europe account in Euros. From there, you can take advantage of PingPong's lower exchange rates to put more of those earnings into your pocket when you convert back into your domestic PLN currency.

Where is PingPong based? +

PingPong was founded in New York City in 2015 and has more, than 20 offices in the US, Europe, UK, India, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Our global HQ is in Hanghzou, China. Our European office is based in Luxembourg.

How much does PingPong Charge? +

PingPong has some of the most competitive pricing in the e-commerce industry when it comes to foreign currency conversions. We never charge more than 1%.

Is my money secure with PingPong? +

Yes! PingPong Europe is a fully licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI), and globally we hold more, than 70 payment licenses following the strict guidelines set by the governing body in every country we operate in.In the EU our clients' funds are protected by global tier-one banks like, BNP Paribas, Citibank and J.P. Morgan.

Why do you request so many documents in order to approve our business account? +

As an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) we are heavily regulated and have to collect a lot of information (KYC aka Know Your Client documentation) to ensure that we are working with legitimate businesses and their owners.Articles of Incorporation, Company Extracts, ID Cards/Passports are some of the easiest ways to identify and confirm the true business owners’ identities.

Can I also pay my international taxes via PingPong? +

Yes! PingPong has a global tax portal that allows users to pay their international tax needs quickly and easily. You can use your existing balance of local funds to make that transfer without dealing with or paying any conversion costs.

Can I pay my international suppliers via PingPong? +

Yes! You can use the funds on your PingPong Account's balance to make payments all over the world in almost every currency.If your supplier/receiver also has a PingPong Account then you can utilize the in network payment and the funds will arrive almost instantly and the payment costs nothing!

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