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Start receiving global payments to your local
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Go limitless to expand your global business, whether you are an online seller, a freelancer, or a service provider. With PingPong you can enlarge your

business possibilities with hassle free cross-border transaction, which is secure, fast and trusted by 600K customers worldwide.

Irrespective of the customer location and their payment currency, you will be able to receive money to your European payment account in EUR/GBP/USD.

PingPong solutions for our clients

The global leader in cross-border payments is now in Europe!

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No Matter which city or town you are based in, the category you deal in, the marketplaces and countries you sell in,

PingPong Understands your cross-border business needs

pingpongx Marketplace and platform payout

pingpongx Manage multiple stores in one account

pingpongx Pay VAT

pingpongx Pay Suppliers

  • pingpongx No Sign up or monthly fee
  • pingpongx Low Cost - up to 1% all-inclusive rate
  • pingpongx 100% transparent – no hidden costs
  • pingpongx Hassle free fast payments
  • pingpongx Safe and trustworthy

3 simple steps

to enjoy fast and secure payment solution with PingPong

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Sign up for FREE

Create a PingPong account for free.

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Receive money

Use PingPong receiving accounts to collect payments from Amazon, Wish, Rakuten, Cdiscount, App Store, Google Play, other marketplaces and platforms.

Currencies you can receive with PingPong:


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Funds transferred to your European Payment account in EUR / GBP / USD at highly competitive rates.

  • $150 Million

    PingPong transfers more than 150 million dollars a day for international eCommerce sellers just like you.

  • 1 Million

    PingPong transfers more than 150 million dollars a day for international eCommerce sellers just like you.

  • $90 Billion

    PingPong has processed more than 90 billion dollars in cross-border payments for eCommerce.


What our clients say

  • “The rate PingPong gave us is so much better. And at the same time PingPong is also very transparent. So if we need to know how much money we paid in the service fee, it's one click. So super convenient. We definitely recommended PingPong to everyone we know.”


    Eugene Pepsh
    Kassa USA

  • “My experience with PingPong has been really good from day one. They gave me the absolute best rates anywhere in the industry, and just working with them has been super professional. They make you feel like a valued client and try to help with literally anything I've asked of them. Thumbs up from me for sure, and I would definitely recommend them to other sellers.”


    Larry Lubarsky
    Watch Me Amazon



Low fees,

no hidden costs

You deserve to bring money home to Europe from Amazon US, Europe, Japan,

Canada and Australia at a better rate.

You deserve to bring home more of your hard earned money.


The average global e-commerce seller from Europe

ends up paying up to 4x more in fees than with

PingPong’s up to 1% all-inclusive rate !


PingPong is changing the way sellers get paid!

You deserve to send and receive

international payments at lower rates.

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Do you know how much you’re really paying to bring home international earnings from Rakuten?

  • • Layered fees can add up
  • • Advertised rates often have hidden fees
  • • Cross-border payment rates can be as high as 3.4% or even more

Fast and secure payment to your European Payment account

Receive payments to your European Payment account faster than ever before!

PingPong enables you to receive payments from around the world directly in EUR, GBP and USD to

your local payment account in a safe, hassle-free and faster than you would have ever experienced.

Receive money quickly, maintain a healthy cash flow and grow your business-partner with PingPong.