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PingPong's Virtual Wallet allows you to send and receive funds from more than one million other PingPong user's Virtual Wallets.

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A Sophisticated International Account Experience

PingPong's Virtual Wallet is a powerful new multi-currency solution allowing online sellers to transact in multiple currencies with other PingPong Virtual Wallet users.

Open Multiple Virtual Currency Accounts

One Single, Easy-To-Use Platform

Send, Receive, & Manage Global Payments

EU-based accounts you can immediately set up online

Eliminate costs associated with opening accounts internationally

Instant Multi-Country Account Access

Certified, Verified EIN Numbers


Look What Your Wallet Can do for You

  • Easier Access to Your Global Accounts
  • Easy Compliance Process for all Business Taxes
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Happier Employees, Suppliers, and Business Partners
  • Less Confusion- Better Business


This is how easy PingPong Virtual Wallet makes your life

  • Open your Virtual Wallet in multiple currencies
  • Pay suppliers using the PingPong Virtual Wallet
  • Make payments instantly
  • Save money by reducing the cost of transferring money
  • Avoid currency fluctuations
  • Enjoy a true international account experience

How it works

Take care of your business in 3 simple steps

  • Make payments directly from your Virtual Wallet balance or load your Virtual Wallet from your virtual account with same day processing.
  • Choose a Recipient, any other entity with a PingPong Virtual Wallet, use the money you've added to your own Wallet, and immediately pay that Recipient.
  • Send money to over a million PingPong users' Virtual Wallets - with speed and savings that free up your time and energy. No hidden fees. Move money faster than ever before. No games. No gimmicks.

Gain the power of international payment experience without the banks

PingPong simplifies paying your Suppliers,
VAT obligations, and your employees!

How to know if you should be paying VAT

If you’re selling goods in (most) European markets, as well as Canada, you have to pay Value-Added Tax ("VAT").

EXAMPLE: VAT is commonly expressed as a percentage of the total cost. For example, if a product costs €100 and there is a 15% VAT, the consumer pays €115 to the merchant. The merchant keeps €100 and pays €15 (VAT) to the government.


Handle Your VAT Payments at
the Click of a Button

PingPong simplifies the payment of VAT for
sellers to one click of a button

VAT?What is that?

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax that is added onto a product at every point of sale.
At every stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale, VAT is paid by the user for the cost of the product, less any of the costs of materials used in the product that have already been taxed.

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Think of it like this

A raw materials producer sells their goods to a factory or wholesaler (your supplier). The producer is required to pay VAT to the government for the sale.

The supplier creates something from those same raw materials: furniture, kitchen appliances, gym equipment, etc.

You buy the product from the supplier with plans to sell it on an e-commerce marketplace with the supplier paying VAT from that sale.
After you sell the product on a marketplace, you are now required to pay VAT for that sale as well!

How to Pay VAT with a PingPong Account?

Supplier Payment

The Safest Way To Pay Your Suppliers Around the World

Get a free PingPong account, and pay suppliers in their domestic currency. It’s that easy.

Send money to

Make payments aligned with your business needs
United Arab Emirates

Here's What You Stand to Gain

  • No cost for
    inbound transactions
  • Industry leading rates for outbound transactions
  • No account management or maintenance fees
  • Real-time payments,

Due to PingPong's higher market shares in Asian foreign trade regions, particularly China, PingPong is able to provide easier access to more suppliers for EU customers.


  • Cost-effective

    Competitive foreign exchange costs, plus free virtual accounts to make it easy to receive money locally and save even more when converting your sales profits!

  • Trustworthy

    Trusted by more than one million merchants around the world - including entrepreneurs and publicly traded companies.

  • Secure

    PingPong is regulated in every region where we operate. Get peace of mind with safe, secure transactions with PingPong.


  • Convenience

    Make payments to your suppliers, vendors, and business partners with a single, easy to use platform. Pay suppliers in real-time in their desired currency, all while getting the most competitive exchange rate available.

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  • Confidence

    Say goodbye to the risks associated with money-sharing apps and virtually untraceable wire transfers. PingPong provides the banking technology and infrastructure needed to help you make your supplier payments with confidence, at the click of a button.

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  • Protection

    PingPong has a rigorous KYC identity verification process for all customers and suppliers and is strictly licensed and regulated, all to ensure that your money is well protected from fraud and money scams.

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Paying Suppliers with PingPong is Just Better Business

Traditional methods for making supplier payments suffer time delays, handling fees and reconciliation issues. Check it out:

  • Traditional

    • Payments Time Delays Due to Multiple Bank Intermediaries
    • More Parties Involved = More Risk
    • Expensive Handling Fees
  • PingPong Payments

    • Same Day Transfers
    • Accurate Tracking
    • Transparent Costs Across the Board
    • Amount Billed = Amount Received

How It Works

  • Sign up for a free PingPong account

  • Make direct payments using your currency accounts

  • Reach customers in more than 200 countries worldwide

  • Authorize Real-time transfers to recipients around the world


Make Payroll On Time, Every Time - From Anywhere

Compliant, integrated payments solutions from PingPong let you deliver payroll like a boss.

  • Modernize Your Global Payroll Process

    • API Integration

      With Major Payroll Software Platforms

    • Virtual Account Validation

      To Minimize Errors

    • Dynamic Synchronization

      With Regional Holidays to Ensure Accuracy

    • Consolidated Payment

      File Workflow Further Enhancing Efficiencies

  • Say Goodbye to the Outdated Ways to Pay

    • Traditional Payroll Challenges

      Lost or delayed payments, expensive wire fees, multiple beneficiaries and complex local legislation.

    • Delayed/Missing Payments

      International transfers are often delayed or lost for days.

    • Local Country Regulations

      Local regulatory requirements make compliance tracking difficult, which in turn leads to more breaches.

    • Manual Processes

      In some jurisdictions, fax is still the preferred method of sending bank details and payroll amounts which lacks security and timeliness.

    • Currency Fluctuations

      Foreign currency fluctuations can drastically impact cash flow.

Global Payroll from the Comfort of Anywhere

Take care of payroll, logistics and other business costs in your employees' and contractors' local currencies
wherever they are in the world.

Account Collection

Save money while receiving your trade payments with PingPong

Receive fast & secure payments at lower fees.

Start receiving global payments to your local account with PingPong.

  • Go limitless

    Expand your global business, whether you are an online seller, a freelancer, or a service provider and receive payments from around the world directly in multiple currencies to your local payment account in a safe, hassle-free and quick manner.

  • Enlarge your business possibilities

    Grow. Scale. Prosper by enlarging your business possibilities with PingPong with hassle free cross-border transactions, which are secure, fast and trusted more, than by 1 Million clients worldwide.

  • Receive payments to your European Payment account faster than ever before!

    Receive money quickly, maintain a healthy cash flow and grow your business by partnering with PingPong.

Setup your PingPong account and start expanding
your business beyond boundaries.

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Sign up

Register for a free account and instantly gain local banking access in the countries in which you want to do business. Process payroll, pay suppliers, and much more without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Verify your identity

Verify your identity

PingPong participates in KYC (Know Your Customer) for YOUR protection and safety. Upload the required (standard) business documents and know your money is in safe hands. KYC submission helps to fight money laundering and account fraud by verifying your identity and prevents unauthorized access to your account and personal data.

Start sending & receiving

Start sending & receiving

Send money and accept payments - global eCommerce at your fingertips in one single, convenient platform that allows you to see all your marketplaces anytime.

Receive and accept foreign payments in the below currencies.

Grow, Scale, and Prosper with PingPong by moving the major currencies of the World and grow your business beyond borders.

British Pound

UK sort code, Account number, and IBAN


Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) and IBAN

US Dollar

Routing number and Account number

Canadian Dollar

Institution number, Transit number,
and Account number

Singapore Dollar

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Hong Kong Dollar

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Australian Dollar

BSB code and Account number

Japanese Yen

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Mexican Peso

Bank code (BIC) and Account number

UAE Dirham

Bank code, Bank name,
and Account number

Polish Złoty

Bank code (SWIFT/BIC)
and Account number

Swedish Krona

Bank code (SWIFT/BIC)
and Account number

Bring Value To The Company.

Over €150M daily transaction value

PingPong transfers more than 150 million euros a day for international eCommerce sellers just like you.


More than 1,000,000 sellers turn to PingPong to safely and securely bring their money home.

Payment value

PingPong has processed more than 90 billion euros in cross-border payments for eCommerce.

Our Customers Tell You About PingPong

“PingPong makes paying suppliers and sending money globally more approachable by diversifying supply chains and facilitating innovative solutions for traditional routes of acquiring inventory.”
Keith Mander
Owner, Yuca LTD
“For customers like me with zero IT experience or background, I’m able to use the platform right away. Withdrawing money, sending payments and converting currencies is simple.”
Stephen Chun
General Manager, Union Beauty Corp
“The biggest difference in making the switch to PingPong is what we’ve saved in terms of dollars. Since switching to PingPong, we’ve generated over six figures in savings.”
Ryan Clay
Marketplaces Manager, KontrolFreek